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This is a really cool machine. Do you have a mob spawner zombie or skeleton and you want the bones and arrows or the flesh for your dogs but you don't have the time. Well this machine for you. In literally minutes you will have bones or flesh. It will all be safely in the chest. When I first made this my brother was needing a lot of bones for a farm and he had a skeleton spawner so Him and I invented this and made it. I found this spawner by doing a X-ray that you can learn how to do at this link https://www.instructables.com/id/Minecraft-X-ray/ .I hope y'all enjoy my instructable.

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Step 1: What You Need

What you at going to need is
4 buckets of water
11 Redstone
1 sticky piston
3 half slabs
2 blocks of your choice
3 hoppers
1 chest
1 stone pressure plate
1 pickaxe

2 ladders

a zombie or skeleton spawner

Step 2:

Go to your spawner and fill in any holes in the walls. Now place torches all around so that no mobs spawn and get in your way. Now go to one side of the room and in the middle of it dig in 1 block to make a door way now make a room that is 5x7 and it needs to be at least 2 block high. The doorway needs to be in the middle of the 7.

Step 3:

Now where your doorway is dig down 1 block. in front of the doorway where you dug a room dig down 3 in a straight line continue to dig 3 blocks all the way to the back of the room like a trench and place ladders at the back to get out. Now place your 3 hoppers pointing to the back of the room in the 3 deep hole and place the chest at the back of the room in the hole to recieve the things the hopper brings. Now on the first hopper place your stone pressure plate and break the block on the right that is next to the pressure plate and put a piece of redstone there . Now cover up the all of your trench except for where the pressure plate is and the ladders

Step 4:

As shone in the picture go to the right of the hole then go over one block an dig down 2 and put redstone down in your hole it should connect to the other piece you put down in step 3 now point towards the back wall and breack a block to get out of the hole but then put redstone on it. On the left side go over 1 block (as shone in the picture) an place a sticky piston facing towards the hole and place a block for it to push and pull and also one behind it . Now lead the redstone all the way over to the piston and on to the block behind it. Now go back into the spawner room and in the back 2 corners place your 2 water buckets. Now place your last 2 water buckets one over the pressure plates and the other were the doorway is. place the 3 half slabs as shone in the picture. Now go and get rid of the torches in the spawner room. Now it should start to work.

Step 5: How It Works

How it works is the zombies (or skeletons) get pushed by the water in end up on the pressure plate and that activates the sticky piston and pushes the block over there head and they are stuck underwater they then drowned and there stuff falls in the hopper and goes into the chest and you collect it from there. It gave me tons of flesh and a potato. I hope you liked me instructable if you did don't forget to vote. See you next time.

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