Minecraft Block Brownies




Introduction: Minecraft Block Brownies

For those hungry miners in need of a snack...

Step 1: Ingredients

* Your favourite brownie recipe or this;

- 250 g. / 8.8 oz butter

- 4 eggs (slightly beaten)

- 350 g. powdered sugar

- 1 sachet of vanilla sugar

- 90 g. / 3.2 oz flour

- 30 g. / 1 oz cocoa

- a pinch of salt


- TNT, to make an explosive impression (just joking, that's a different cookbook...lol)

- to create an extra textured look you could add some nuts... I don't have any, although I am ;)

* Glazing;

- a few tablespoons of powdered sugar

- water

* Topping

- for grass blocks you could really use anything green that's edible, I used green and brown chocolate flakes because they give the blocks a pixelated look, even though there is no brown in the surface of minecraft grass blocks I left some of the brown in because in my opinion it adds to the effect.. think of it as artistic freedom of expression ;)

Alternatives to chocolate flakes are, among others, marzipan, pistachio, green glazing, green sparkles etc.

Step 2: Sift and Measure Your Flour, Cocoa and Sugar

Pour the flour through a sieve and measure it.

Do the same with the cocoa and the powdered sugar.

Step 3: Cut and Melt the Butter

Cut the butter into squares and melt it 'au bain Marie': put the squares into a bowl, fill a pan with water (not to much), put the bowl in the pan, let the water boil and let the butter melt, stir occasionally.

Step 4: Break and Beat the Eggs

Break the eggs (or let your creeper do it for you) and beat them, I just blended them to be honest, works fine for me.

Step 5: In the Mix

Pour the melted butter in with the eggs and blend them.

Then add the flour, cocoa, powdered sugar, the vanilla sugar and salt and blend the mixture once again.

Step 6: Mold and Solidify Your Dream

When you're done with battering the batter, put a sheet of baking paper into your mold and pour the batter in.

Put the mold into the oven at 180 degrees Celcius / 350 degrees Fahrenheit, after half an hour check if it's done by sticking a chopstick into the brownie and seeing if it comes out clean, if there's batter on the chopstick, leave the brownie in the oven and repeat after ten minutes.

Step 7: Cut Your Blocks :)

When the brownie is done, let it cool down.

When it's cool enough, cut of the sides (if necessary) to create a 'perfect' rectangle (remember perfection = utopia).

Then cut the brownie into minecraft block sized squares, I used a TNT action figure block as a measurement instrument.

Step 8: Prepare Your Glazing and Sort Out Your Chocolate Flakes

Put about three tablespoons of powdered sugar into a cup or bowl, add a small amount of water; start with a teaspoon, stir and the add more, until the glazing has the required thickness.

If you add to much water the glazing will be to thin an won't stick to the brownie, so be careful not to add to much, if you accidentally do, just add some more powdered sugar and you will be fine.

If you used the same chocolate flakes as I did; sort them,out, take out the little chocolate crocodiles and most of the brown flakes (leave some for the contrast).

Step 9: Prepare Your Lawn for Minecraft!

Put some glazing on the brownies and glaze them with the back of a spoon.

Now you can put the chocolate flakes (or alternative) on top, let it dry out and your grass blocks are done!!!

Step 10: Time to Build

Now you can have fun building with your blocks... don't forget to eat them :)

Step 11: A More Healthy Grass Block

If you prefer a more healthy snack, try a bread block!

To craft this block you will need: one or more slices of bread, coconut oil, as a topping you could (once again) use chocolate flakes but if you really want to go healthy use garden crest!

Step 12: How To?

Measure and cut block sized slices, smear them with coconut oil, stack them and top them!

Step 13: Enjoy!

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    Sounds like a tasty recipe and the pictures are really fun!


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