Minecraft Compact Auto Sugarcane Farm

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This is a tutorial for a compact automatic sugarcane farm

Step 1: What You'll Need

1 block of sand

1 sugarcane

4 building blocks

1 observer

1 redstone

1 piston

1 bucket of water

Step 2: First Step

Place sand and water

Step 3: Sugarcane

Place the sugarcane on the sand and place 2 building blocks behind it.

Step 4: Redstone!

Place the piston on top of the building block facing the sugarcane. And 1 redstone behind it.

Step 5: Done

Place the observer on top of the piston so that the face is looking towards the sugarcane.

Place a building block behind the observer, THIS MUST BE DONE!

Step 6: Expand

Expand if you like :)

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