Minecraft Creeper Balloons

Introduction: Minecraft Creeper Balloons

Planning a Minecraft birthday party is overwhelming Yikes!!!!
Especially if local party stores dont carry trademark party supplies for the theme.
Well I wasn't about to give up nor let my son down so I Improvised!!!
BOY!!! I had too get the generator going to get my lightbulb on!!!
So i just bought 3 inexpensive items that could help this party FLY AWAY!!!

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Step 1: Supplies

1 roll of Black or Lime Green Duct tape

1 bag of Black or Lime Green Balloons

1 roll of Black or Lime Green string



Step 2: Taking Flight

-Add Helium or exhale Oxygen into the balloon.
*Depending on how much is blown in the balloon allows us to figure how much
tape we'll use.
-Tie balloon, Add string & mount temporary.

Step 3: Creeper Facial

-Cut 6 inches of tape, fold in half & cut tape.
-Place 1 piece of tape onto ballon.
*Using the roll of duct tape, space(eyeball)the eyes.
-Place other piece on opposite side of roll.

Step 4: SsSsSsSs AghhhLiiiiive

-Cut 4-5 inches of tape.
-Place tape under the eyes & firmly rub out any wrinkles.
-Cut an additional 4-5 inches of tape, fold in half long span, & Cut.
-Place on either side of mouth spacing about
1 1/2 inches below eyes & repeat.

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    4 years ago

    awesome idea thanks for sharing really a headache find minecraft things for party..