Minecraft Diamond/Iron Pickaxe

Hello! This was a project that I had to do for class so I thought that I would share it on here!

For this project, I used a Shopbot but you could definetely do it with any other tools, the Shopbot was what my project had to be though.

I also used a 1/2" thick piece of oak wood. I chose oak because it was relatively cheap and it was strong. I'm sure any other type of hard wood would work as well. Lets begin!!!

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Step 1: Cutting Your Piece Out

The way that I cut out the pickaxe was simply I used a program to get a picture of the pickaxe and it stenciled out the outsides of it. If you are going to be hand doing this, each square is about 1" long.

Here is a photo of me cutting out the wood.(sorry for the bad quality)

The second photo is what my worst nightmare would be:the bit snapping. I looked at the project file and it looked just fine. Oh well, I loaded a 2nd bit into the machine and it started cutting again. Now onto laying out the painting marks!

Step 2: Laying Out and Taping

For laying out, I simply just took a ruler and made a straight line from each corner of the piece as you see in the first picture.

For taping, I first taped the front and back side's edges because I would be painting the edge of pickaxe first. Now onto painting!

Step 3: Painting

This was by far the longest step to do for me. It took so long because I had this class every other day, so it took about 2 weeks all together.

For the edge of this pickaxe, I just used plain black because it didn't really matter what the color was, so black was the new.....black I guess.

The reason why I chose to paint one side diamond and the other iron was because I thought just one color type was boring, and I also didn't have to buy 2 pickaxes. Money saved:)

The first side that I painted was the iron side because it was the easiest to do. To make the different shades of gray, I just took black paint and kept adding white to it. Every different color that I did of gray I would just add a little more white.

As you can see, I did start to make the brown shade while doing the iron. Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of the brown process, sorry! All I did for the brown is start with a dark shade of brown and to make it lighter I, you guessed it, added white to it.

For taping, I just taped the black edge that I had painted before so no gray would get onto it. And every different shade I would just tape around the square so the different color would not blend.

Now onto the diamond side!

Step 4: Painting, Part 2

The diamond side was probably the hardest side that I had to do for this project. The color you need to start with this project is turquoise. After I got the turquoise, I added brown to it to give it a ugly blue color.

For the lighter blue shades, I used the turquoise-brown blend and kept adding white to it to make it lighter.

The only time I did not use the turquoise was when I painted the lightest blue, which I used a color kinda close sky blue, sorry that it is not shown in the pictures!

Step 5: Add a Sealer

For this, I used a clear coat that would protect the paint and wood from decaying away. I did just one coat of it and it took around 30 minutes to dry.

Step 6: Done!!!

Here are the final outcomes for both sides of the pickaxe. It now rests on my wall just in case I need to do some late night mining. Enjoy!!!!!

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