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Hello again to another instructables by me, COOLCREEPER69! In today's instructables, i'll be showing you how to make a compact and simple Minecraft Ender Pearl Launcher that can travel 75 blocks (50% further than a normal ender pearl throw). So, let's begin!

You will need:

•7 Slime Block

•2 Blocks of Iron

•2 Redstone Torch

•2 Redstone Repeater

•2 Sticky Pistons

•1 Fence Gate

•1 Pressure Plate

•At least 1 Ender Pearl

Now that we've got our items for the build, let's start building!

Step 1: Redstoning

First, you have to dig 1 hole in the ground, then place a redstone torch in the hole. You'll then have to place a block of iron on top of the redstone torch and add another redstone torch on the iron block. Now, place another block of iron 1 block away from the previous block of iron and place a sticky piston on top of the block of iron facing the previously place block of iron. Then, place a redstone repeater between the 2 block of irons, the sticky piston will then activate. Next, place a fence gate on the block of iron where it can come in contact with the sticky piston. After that, place a pressure plate behind the block of iron, then, place another redstone repeater in front of the deactivated redstone torch and change its setting to 4. Now, dig 7 holes in front of the deactivated redstone repeater, place another sticky piston facing upward on the first hole and then add 7 slime blocks from the surface of the sticky pistons to the end of the hole. (Refer to pictures give above)

Step 2: Activating the Ender Pearl Launcher

Go behind the build you've just made and hold an ender pearl. Keep right clicking your ender pearl while looking at the fence gate (For best results, aim at the center of the fence gate) and step on the pressure plate, the ender pearl should be shot from your hand to the slime block that is pushed up making the ender pearl bounce upward making it shoot further.

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    2 years ago

    epic, i've already subscribe you


    Cool! Who knew activating slime blocks could extend the distance of an ender pearl throw. This is why i love mc!

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    4 years ago

    Amazing! And I'll check out your YouTube channel also!

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