Minecraft Houses Garden and Fountain


The cover the second house I haven't finished yet. Enjoy.

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Step 1:

Build 2 13 by 13 frames. 16 blocks apart. On the 16th block build the 2nd frame.

Step 2:

Build the walls up by 6. Leave one of the floor walls open to do the floors after you do the floors fill the wall. You should have 3 floors in each. The 1st room dig out the grass and add blocks for the floor.  The front of the buldings you put the door break some bocks and put windows or glowstone.

Step 3:

Create a pathway. Also create a fountain. You can do any shape I choose to do a heart.

Step 4:

Build a roof on both houses.

Step 5:

Decorate the inside. Use ladders to contact to each floor.

Step 6:

Make a garden. Behind the houses.

Step 7: Enjoy

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