Minecraft Hunger Games Traps,secret Chests




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In this instructable i will be showing you a few tips and how to hide some chests i would love it if you support this by liking and commenting and i hope you enjoy

Step 1: Leaf Chest

This is a sneaky little chest under a block of leaves

Step 2: Tree Chest

This is a good hiding spot as many people will not see it because they will be coming from the opposite side

Step 3: Slabs

This is good for hiding in houses all you do is make a 2x3 with whatever blocks you want then a block at the top and a slab at the bottom(ish) (see pic for more detail)

Step 4: Lava Trap

This easy to get trapped in it if you accidentally jump in it you'll slowly sink into the lava through the cobwebs into the lava

Step 5: Mid

This is just an idea for the centre if you are looking for ideas for a new hunger games thanks for looking at this instructable pls sub if you haven't already and support the goal of getting 80 subs



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    7 Discussions

    hey jack

    4 years ago

    This is great:) I'm goin to use this


    4 years ago

    Okay, here is a tip (from the Hyperion build team member that is myself) hanger games middles should have a radius of 4 blocks at least and, if there is no more than 5 chests at spawn, then the place is deleted. Just saying :P


    4 years ago

    Thanks, if anyone has any suggestions im happy to hear them