Minecraft Hunter Guide

Introduction: Minecraft Hunter Guide

If you just cant find animals or grass for wheat, and you just need FOOD, use this.

its all sorts of tips for finding that elusive pig, cow, or chicken.

BTW the pic is random, i had to put up SOMETHING. sorrah!

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Step 1: Plains, Forest, or Swamp

those 3 biomes are where animals go most. go find one, and go see if there's animals. if there ISNT, look at step 2.

Step 2: WAIT. Look, I Know Its Boring, But It Works.

by rules of Minecraft, if you stand in the biomes that i mentioned for a while, a animal is BOUND to show up.

if that doesnt work after about 20 min, theres a bug.

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    Sounds like an interesting technique, I just wish there were some pictures. Pictures can really help people replicate your awesomeness! Welcome to instructables!