Minecraft - Infinite Water Well

Well, my 1st Instructable, why not do it on Minecraft!

In this Instructable, I will show you all how to make an Infinite Water well, i.e., you can get infinite water. It is very useful for people who live far off from water sources, or use too much water.

Step 1: Items Required

The items you will need are:

  1. A Bucket (for crafting help click here).
  2. Any water source (at least 3 blocks of water).
  3. 14 blocks of cobblestone / stone / dirt or any other solid block (I used cobblestone).
  4. 4 X 5 Free Space to place you well (Minimum).

These materials are just the minimum items required. You can expand on the same basis, such as the pic. in the intro..

Step 2: Building the Well

Ok, I take you have the materials with you, now do the following:

  1. Create a 2 X 3 Area, enclosed by cobblestone on all sides.
  2. Fill one side with water from the water source, by using the bucket.

Step 3: Getting Water, Forever!

Voila! Now you have an Infinite Water Well.

To get water, click on the middle, standing water water block (Shown in the pics. above).

You'll can also use the following method to create an Infinite Lava Well too!

Thanking You,

Mad Scientist 007

P.S. Sorry for the dark pics in this step.



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    You can make an infinite water well with even 3 blocks of water , 1x3 and take water from the middle block or L shaped or 2x2 like the ones in the villages .

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