Minecraft Item Dispenser (Hi-Tech)

Introduction: Minecraft Item Dispenser (Hi-Tech)

About: Hi! I'm RedKing9132! I am 13 years old. I am into gaming, coding, 3D design, 3D pictures and 3D animation. Visit my blog: redking9132.wordpress.com

In this Instructable I am going to show you how to make a contraption that dispenses an item you want, and at the same time lights up. This is not so survival-friendly but you can try it for a challenge. Again, this will work on all platforms of Minecraft.

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Step 1: First Things First

For this contraption you will need:

21 slabs

9 blocks of your choice

3 glowstone lamps

3 buttons

3 droppers

3 ladders (optional)

3 item frames

6 redstone torches

Items to put in the droppers

Step 2: Let's Start

Place 3 glowstone lamps in a row on the ground. On top of them, place 6 of your blocks of your choice, and on top of that, place your 3 droppers.

Step 3: Slabs (optional)

Simply just place slabs around what you just made.

Step 4: On the Front

Place your 3 buttons on the blocks above the glowsone lamps. On the blocks above the blocks with the buttons, place the item frames. [This part is optional:] Crouch and place ladders on the front of the droppers.

Step 5: Time for the Redstone

Simply place redstone torches on the back of the blocks which have the bottons on. Place the last 3 blocks of your choice above the redstone torches like in the picture. Now, to finish off the redstone part, place redstone torches on top of the blocks you just placed, and they shold turn off.

Step 6: Items

Now put your items that you want to put into the droppers on display in the item frames, and of course fill the droppers with the corresponding items.

Step 7: Finished!

If you have built this correctly, when you press the button a redstone lamp will turn on and an item should come out of the dropper. Please give me feedback and tell me if it is a bit hard to understand.

RedKing9132 out!

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