Minecraft Jeb Door

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You are playing Minecraft. It is a PVP game, where you must be constantly on the alert. You come out of your mine, happy with all of the gold you found, when a wash of water hits you in the face. "What the..." you say. You swim through it into your house. You stare in awe. It has been ransacked. Everything has been taken or destroyed. "I need to make a new, hidden base" you say.......

This instructable will be on how to make a door that is impossible for someone to find. It is called the Jeb Door, and it blends in with its surroundings.

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Step 1: Location Location Location

To build the door, we need a good place. A plains biome would not do as anyone would notice a lump in the ground. The best place would be a cliff.

Step 2:

Dig an 6x3x4 hole in the cliff. This hole will be barely adequate, so dig the hole deeper. One block away from the entrance, place 2x2 square of sticky pistons. Remember that the pistons will face to you. On the other side, do the same thing. On the farther pistons, place two more sticky pistons facing the entrance. Cover the sticky sides with stone, or the block that blends with the cliff.

Step 3: Redstone

Now place blocks on top of the pistons with repeaters set on the blocks that are above the entrance facing piston. Set the repeaters to the second tick. Connect redstone on the blocks you just placed. Behind the redstone, place a block one block higher than the redstone and dig under ground to a spot at the surface. Trail the redstone to that block and place a lever. Hit the lever. You should hear the pistons. When you get there, the doors should have shunted closed.

Step 4: The Secret Lever Revealer

The block above the lever; behind it, place a sticky piston. Break the block behind the sticky piston and place a redstone torch on the block of the cliff. The piston should extend. The lever should not be seen. Place a wooden button on the block with the redstone torch and press it. Act fast. The lever should now be visible. Hit it. The door should open. Hit the button again and repeat. The door should close. Put a stone underneath the button and break the button. This will help you find the place to place the button.

Step 5: Inside Lever Access

You will need to be able to close the door from the inside. Dig a passage to the top. This is your access point to the lever to close the door. When the door is closed, from the inside, you should only see the pistons.

Step 6: Covering It Up

Close the door. Now cover up the guts of the door. When you open it, a passage should appear in the rock. Get inside. Now go to the redstone passage you made and hit the lever. The door will close and your base will be invisible. Remember that before you go inside, destroy the button. Now you can make a hidden base in the rock.

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