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Introduction: Minecraft Jukebox Door Lock

This Instructable will teach you how to make a door lock using jukeboxes in Minecraft. This video will give you an example of how this might be used, and a tutorial that you can follow. Let us start by explaining how this redstone contraption works. Different discs send off different redstone signals. The disc we use in the tutorial "cat", has a signal strength of 3 blocks. When we put the disc in the jukebox, it sends a signal and turns off one of the redstone torches. In the circuit we have created, when we have a disc in both the jukeboxes, both signals go off, turning off the redstone torches, while activating the redstone torch above it, which in turn, activates the iron door.

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Step 1: Materials

6 Blocks (You can choose any block, except for a redstone block)

2 Redstone Comparators

3 Pieces of Redstone Dust

2 Jukeboxes

3 Redstone Torches

1 Iron Door

2 Music Discs (They must be CAT.)

As you can see, this door lock can be easily built in survival.

Step 2: The Build

Start by placing 2 of your blocks next to each other.

Step 3: Jukebox

Place your first jukebox two blocks away from your previously placed blocks. There should be one space in between your two blocks and the jukebox.

Step 4: Redstone Comparator

Place a Redstone Comparator in front of your jukebox. Then place a piece of redstone dust next to the comparator.

Step 5: 2nd Jukebox

Go to the other side of your two placed blocks and place your 2nd jukebox so that it mirrors the first.

Step 6: Redstone Comparators

Place your 2nd comparator and redstone dust like in the previous steps.

Step 7: Torches

Place two Redstone Torches on the two placed blocks.

Step 8: Blocks

Place two of your blocks above the redstone torches. You can do this by hovering over the torch and right clicking.

Step 9: Signal Torch

Place a redstone torch on the rightmost block above the redstone torches.

Step 10: Blocks

Place one of your blocks next to the signal torch, and place one underneath. You can do this by facing the redstone torch, hovering over it, and right clicking, then right clicking underneath the block.

Step 11: Wrecking Ball

Break the block that is next to the redstone torch.

Step 12: Redstone

Place a piece of redstone dust over your block that is next to the redstone torch. You may need to jump and right click over the block.

Step 13: Door

Finally, place your iron door next the block, but make sure it is not in between the redstone torch and the block. It will mess up the signal.

Step 14: How to Use It

You're Done! Now here's how you use it. Go to the other side of the contraption and put a disc in the jukebox. This is preparation to make the iron door work.

Step 15: Using It

Stand in front of the contraption and place a disc in the jukebox. This will make the iron door open.

Step 16: Closing the Door From the Inside

When you're inside, take the disc out of the jukebox, and the door will close.

Step 17: Opening the Door

Put the disc back into the jukebox to make the door open.

Step 18: Leaving

When you are about to leave, take the disc out to close the door.

Step 19: Finishing Touches

You're now a master at creating your own redstone jukebox door locks! Add this to your survival house, or your secret bunker, or wherever you like. Thank you, and if this helped you out, please leave a vote for more tutorial like this! If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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    6 months ago

    nice build, but i realised you can use any music disc and it will work