Minecraft: Kitchen Tables

Introduction: Minecraft: Kitchen Tables

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Greetings, fellow Minecraftsmen!

A table can look quite nice in your Minecraft home. Soon you'll have a classy table for your dining room or kitchen.

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Step 1: Materials

Here are the things you need:

- Fence
- Nether Brick Fence
- Iron Bars
- Any kind of carpet (I used blue)

Step 2: Table Legs

You can make the table legs from a variety of materials. All three are shown here. You will want to situate your table in such a way that the fence or bars don't connect with anything but the floor and other parts of the table.

Step 3: The Tabletop

Put your carpet of choice atop the fence or bars to create the tabletop. You can also make fun patterns with different colors of carpet.

Fun fact:  Since the carpet hangs off the table legs, you can still stand on top of your table, even if the legs are made of fence. Since you can jump on to the overhanging carpet, you can walk all over the table, but will be bumped up half a block if you stand over the fence part.

Thanks for coming! Please leave a comment on your way out :)

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    3 years ago

    This is cool! i always have been using just fences i did not relise we can use iron bars.