Minecraft Luxury House





Introduction: Minecraft Luxury House

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This is the blocks you will need

Step 1: Base+Walls

Make the base 13x20 for the house.
Then make stairs up to the height of the house the house height of the house is 5
Make the stairs that high! Add it on both sides!

Step 2: Roof

When your done step 1 make the roof the roof is made out of cobblestone make it the same size of the house 13x20

Step 3: Door

After step 2 you need to have the door you need to put 4 blocks of wood this way ---> <----
Then block 2 blocks off the door there you have it step 3 done (moving on to step 4

Step 4: Floor

Now on to the Floor HEY DONT LEAVE THE FLOOR WITH GRASS ON IT! You will need!(Polished Granite/Spruce wood) make a pattern checkers striped doted! I chose striped

Step 5: Finished!

Now you can add anything you want inside or outside!



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    6 Discussions

    Yea the door should be smaller but.... It would be GREAT for an animal pen or something just leave the floor grass add some trees water and plants and done great animal pen. (Just suggestion) or it could be in a cinema or something idk!?

    Oh the door…
    It's too big?
    Well I can't fix it

    I love this house... But maybe the doorway should be a little smaller and some columns should be added... Just a suggestion=)

    Welcome hope you like my project!