Minecraft Magic 8 Ball/Magic 4 Cube

Have you ever wanted to add some "magic" into minecraft? Well now is your chance! Watch the clip to find out more info! =)


Step 1: Frame Work

To find out how to begin! Watch the video now! =)


Step 2: Doing the Redstone

Watch the video to find out how to make the Redstone! =D


Step 3: Final Building!

Watch the video to find out what to build next!


Step 4: Making the Magic Happen

Your finished! Cya next time =)

Questions? Let me know and i'll try to help! =D




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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Can you do another instructable- but very BASIC and BEGINNER- I don't know how to play at all! How hard would it be to make a pirate ship?