Minecraft Map: Control Point 2 [A Sneak Peak]




Introduction: Minecraft Map: Control Point 2 [A Sneak Peak]

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Hello everyone Didexo here! Sorry I haven't been posting much, I've been very busy with school and I will be starting track soon in high school. Although, I don't plan on leaving this site, just be unmotivated to make Kne'x stuff lately. However I have been playing lots of minecraft and am working on this new map. Just though I'd give you a sneak peak :D.

Remember my old make called Control Point? Well this is a remake using better constructed redstone logic and an enhanced point system. Some cool features include..

-Custom items
-Lots of redstone logic
-Now team based
-Better looking map/buildings
-New point system
-And lots more....don't want to spoli anything :D

Enjoy the pictures..

PS: The map is about 50-60% done.



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    Cool! Didn't the original have more than two control points? I'm just guessing, are you using the Conquest resource pack?

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    Thanks :D

    Yes, the first one did have more than two control points. But, I found that when playing with others that people would spread out to much and make the game less enjoyable. So, for a solution I made only one control point for the fight to be focused on the middle.

    Yes, that is correct. I will usually use a 32x32 version of the default pack to build it. I just used that for presentation reasons.

    Oh, I thought the two little buildings were the control points, but I guess they're actually the team spawn points? The Conquest resource pack is really neat. It adds all sorts of things like barrels of fish and tomatoes, chains, fishing nets, fur rugs, and huge door knockers by cleverly using meta datas. When you use 32x32 packs, do you use Optifine?

    Haha, yes. The two buildings are the team spawn points. Also, yes the Conquest texture pack is a very good one. I quite enjoy it. It's perfect for building with all the things you mentioned.

    Also, yes I always have optfine installed.

    Can't some of the meta data blocks only be placed with WorldEdit? Or can you place them with the new setblock command? Is Optifine required for HD packs?

    The MetaData uses some sort of external program I believe, it may be WorldEdit but I'm not sure. As yes, Optfine is required for HD packs.