Minecraft Motorbike



I like minecraft, explosions, drawing, computers, video games, Lego, fifa 16, forza and instructa...

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Step 1: The Base

Add 2 blocks of coal with a 2 block space in the middle. Then to the front put a block of your choice and then a upside down stair of your choice. Put buttons on both sides of each coal block.

Step 2: The Finished Motorbike

Add a upside down stair to the back with a Slab on the back and put a black slab In front of it. Then put a slab of your choice in front of that one, and put a block of your choice in front of it. Put 2 levers on the side and flick them up and put a trapdoor in front of the wheel and there we have it your done

Step 3: Thanks!

Thanks for reading my instructable!! Here is a real motorbike to compare it to.

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