Minecraft PE Animal Launcher

Introduction: Minecraft PE Animal Launcher

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This is a great minecraft creation. It is an animal launcher that works and is very effective. You can change how far you want the animals to fly and it requires a catcher to catch the animals if you want them to live. I hope you get a kick out of it like I did!

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Step 1: Preparations

First off, you need to be in creative mode. Then you'll need to find an area with a cliff face and a somewhat large area in front of it. The only materials you really need are animal spawn eggs and materials for the catcher.

Step 2: First Hole

Make a 1×1 hole about 6 blocks deep and 4 away from the cliff face. Exact depth and position are not necessary.

Step 3: Other Two Holes

Make two more holes behind the first, offset as shown in the pictures. These must be the same depth as the first one for it to work.

Step 4: Barrel

Go down the first hole and and start digging straight out towards the cliff face. Make it 2 blocks high.

Step 5: Add Pigs

Spawn a whole bunch of pigs down the two other holes, and I mean a bunch. The more pigs you spawn, the farther the animals will fly. But remember, with a great amount of pigs comes a great amount of lag, so you may want to limit yourself. Just experiment to find the right amount to balance distance and lag.

Step 6: The Catcher (optional)

This will catch the animals and keep them alive. I didn't provide specifics on how to make it because it is pretty simple and straight forward. All it needs is a solid wall and a pool at the bottom. And of course it needs to be in the path of the flying animals. You can make it look pretty or just small and functional.

Step 7: Have Fun!

You are ready to launch now! Just drop an animal, or many animals, into the first hole and watch 'em fly! Thanks for reading and please comment.

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    i did polor bears

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    5 years ago

    I think u can use people too