Minecraft PE Button-Controlled Mine Cart

Just press the button and the mine cart starts! Great to use in train stations.

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Step 1:

Put down 3 blocks in this pattern (It doesn't matter which kind of block you use). This is where the track will start.

Step 2:

Leave a 1 block space, then add 2 blocks upright.

Step 3:

Add two powered rails to the top of the block and leading down in a diagonal.

Step 4:

Add a button to the top block.

Step 5:

Add redstone between the two blocks to connect the button and the powered rail.

Step 6:

Add a mine cart to the first rail.

Step 7:

Connect as much track as you want to the powered rail. You're finished! Just get in the cart, press the button and you go!

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    3 years ago

    Awesome I'll do this.