Minecraft PE Cow Killing Lesson




Intro: Minecraft PE Cow Killing Lesson

In this instructable, I'll show you some of the many ways to KILL cows in minecraft PE!

Step 1: First Technique

Use a sword!!!!!

Step 2: Second Technique

Death by lava!

Step 3: Third Technique

Use a pistol. If you want to be less violent, you could say bow. But I prefer pistol.

Step 4: Fourth Technique

Suffocation! Can't... Breath... Bleah!!

Step 5: Fifth Technique

Drown that stinkin cow!!!!!!

Step 6: Highly Unstable Cow! Special Killing Method!!

We will kill a baby Cow. It may seem mean, but those things are disgusting! We will send it on a minecart track into a pit of TNT!

Step 7: Survey!!

Should I kill chickens next, or sheep?!?!?! It's up to you!



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    4 years ago

    Next kill Crepers