Minecraft PE: Human Canon




Step 1:

Build a tall structure like this (the higher the structure the further you will shoot)

Step 2:

Build a small square at the very top of the structure.

Step 3:

Build an even smaller square coming off one of the corners

Step 4:

Build a small tube-like thing (this tube should be no more than 5 blocks heigh)

Step 5:

Now fill the tube with any mob (except endermen). There should be at least 100 mobs in the tube.

Step 6:

the mobs should be visible from outside the tube. Once this is done stand an the platform next to the tube and quickly run into the mobs.

Step 7:

You should shoot of the platform.

Step 8: Here Are Two Tips

Try pushing mobs into the launcher (the tube)

Step 9:

Or try making the platform slightly longer and see what happens



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