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Introduction: Minecraft PE Nerf Strongarm

About: Hello! I'm Nerfrocketeer, also known as Nefrock', Nerf, or NK. I am an avid fan of Nerf wars, engineering, and animal activism (but no I don't go overboard). Thank you for A MILLION views (woah!) and making ...

Hello and thanks for viewing this! I wanted to display a Nerf strongarm I made in minecraft pe. I'm not really a mincraft fan, but I saw that it would be cool to make a minecraft nerf gun... If you want an Instructable just ask! I post ibles on request! Thanks for viewing! Enjoy!



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    4 years ago

    How long did it take you to do that?

    1 reply

    Honestly I don't remember, this was more than a year ago... Probably around a half hour though...

    .....how many times have you ben told that?.....

    1 reply

    Yolo,if it shot explosives it would be better than bacon!

    1 reply

    U should have used orange wool rather than wood :P looks nice though :D I bet it could fire TNT if you disigned it to.

    8 replies

    Sorry, the free version (which I have) doesn't have orange wool. :( I didn't want to buy the full version because I don't play MC much. This strongarm is the most recent thing I've done there. Dem trollz...