Minecraft PE - Royal Navy Ship

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I'd like to begin with another project. But, first of all I am so sorry that I haven't given you guys feedback FOREVER because I have been really busy with vacations, family, and all the good stuff. So, let's get on to this huge, 78 - gun royal navy frigate! So this project took me about 3-4 months in total, witch is... A lot xD P.S, I named the ship the HMS Blinde (blinde is french for phantom)

Step 1: Captain's Cabin and Bedroom

So the captain's deck has a big desk for reading, looking at maps, eating.. etc. The bedroom below deck shows a big master bed with neatly-folded sheets, and two gem chests. The captain's desk cabin and the bedroom feature doors that lead to balconies to look out into the sea.

Step 2: Gun Deck #1

The first gun deck features 36 cannons that from one blast could break an enemy ship's bow. Also there is a balcony to look down to the other deck.

Step 3: Gun Deck #2, Special 1st Mate and Navigator Rooms

The second gun deck, featuring 42 guns, has guns powerful enough to sink a whole ship if all fired at the same time. In that deck there is stored mortar shots, and chain shots for long voyages. In the overdeck, there is a room in the back of the bow, witch is for the 1st mate and the navigator. There are two neat, and comphy beds with private coffins.

Step 4: Sleep Deck, Kitchen and Barrels

There is a sleep deck with comphy beds enough to fit in 100 men. There are also Huge barrels with storage for long voyages. The kitchen has storage for voyages that last a year to two and has 3 ovens to cook in.

Step 5: I Hope You Enjoyed.

So that's it for this instructable. Arr, shiver me timbers!



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    4 years ago

    I hope you like this amazing floating fortress of a ship I made!