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So I am here today with another instructable showing you my new yacht! It is not a modern yacht, it is a rennisance era yacht. I named her Monarch.

Step 1: The Deck

The deck shows a place for the family to sleep, and a tables next to it to eat. And there is also a kitchen with food that lasts for 4-5 months.

Step 2: Captain's Cabin

The captain's cabin has steps to go over to the desk for eating, reading maps, etc. There are also steps leading to his bed with neatly folded sheets.

Step 3: Poop Deck! :D

In the bottom of all decks there is a toilet I made that is just for fun! xD

Step 4: So That's It.

So that's it for this instructable I showed you. Please comment, favorite and subscribe ( if you want :P ). Also leave constructive criticism like ideas of what I should build next! Thanks for reading! :D



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    4 years ago

    What the! This Is something built with no instructions!!!

    2 replies

    Reply 4 years ago

    Yes, that is the small boat that you can craft and place.


    I really like your builds, Most of the stuff you find on this site and many others have no depth or detail. Great job on this one. And in the next update for PC there will be a feature with slime blocks allowing for movement.

    1 reply

    :D thanks a lot I really appreciate it! I try to cramp in as much detail as I can so you can enjoy, but apparently nobody likes it... :l