Minecraft PE Seeds

This intractable is about 3 cool seeds that I found.Hope you enjoy.

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Step 1: Deserted Islands

Seed name - padi
This is a good island for survivalists because there is not a lot of rescources

Step 2: Multi Level Cliffs

I like this seed because if the different levels you have.This could be really good for an abandoned city look.

Step 3: Mountainous River Area

It is really cool how the river is cut into the ground with mountains and cliffs around it. It could make a cool base.

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    i have a seed: try "999" on a finite world. it will let you spawn in a big village (half normal and half desert). another one is "mimi". dig down the village well, and you might encounter and abandoned mine shaft. keep digging. you'll find a stronghold. i acctually found the end portal. i am making a instructable about this. both only work in PE