Minecraft Particle Machine

This device allows you to create particles that you can use in maps and other things that you want cool particles in.

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Step 1: Step 1: the Clock

Firstly, create the configuration in the first picture.

Two redstone at the top, a repeater going up and one going down, and two redstone at the bottom. Keep the repeaters at one tick.

Secondly, place a block a block away from the redstone and put a lever on its side and turn it on. Place a torch on the side facing the restone and you will see the torch flash and the clock activate. You can break the block now.

Step 2: Step 2: the Command

Place redstone dust at the side of the redstone and put a command block next to that redstone. In the block, type 'particle flame ~ ~5 ~ 0 0 0 0.2 1000'

Let's walk through that.

'particle' is the command. It tells the game we want to create particle(s).

'~ ~5 ~' is the coordinates. You can change the 5 to how many blocks above the command block the particles are.

'0 0 0' is the... well... the sort of 'size' of the spawn box of the particles. It's complicated.

'0.2' is the speed of the particles. Adjust for different effects. 0 is less, 10 is more.

'1000' is the amount of particles. [insert tumbleweed here]

Step 3: Epilogue: Some Other Effects

There's a lot of other effects, but three are included here.

To use these, replace 'flame' in the command with 'smoke', 'lava', or 'droplet'.



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