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Introduction: Minecraft Percy Jackson Cabins

Hello everyone! This is my first instructable hope you like it! It took me over 2 months to create it. I got the source from camp half blood wikia.

Step 1: The Camp

There were originally 12 cabins before the last Olympian but now there are 20 including Hades, Iris, Hypnos, Tyche, Nike,Nemesis, Hecate and Hebe! I've tried to keep it as close to the book. Though in this instructable I'm going to show only the first 12. :(sorry):

Step 2: Cabin 1 Zeus

So this is the Zeus cabin. Being the king of the Greek gods he has the biggest cabin but only 2 children; Jason and Thalia. It's made of gold with omega signs on the front. His statue is wearing Greek clothes and the glow stone is the Lightning bolt!

Step 3: Cabin 2 Hera

Hera doesn't have any demigod children so her cabin is just honorary and so it's empty. It's made of iron and stone! Don't laugh at the statuette

Step 4: Cabin 3 Poseidon

Poseidon cabin is one of my favourite cabin which has six beds as shown in the book. It has a fountain and a balcony with Poseidon's trident on the floor. It is made of lapis lazuli, moss stone and wood. ( and I've added a trident on the floor)

Step 5: Cabin 4 Demeter

The Demeter cabin is made of dirt, leaves and wood and is decorated with different flowers. The inside has beds surrounded by water with a back door leading to a crop farm. The roof and the walls are made of leaves as well.

Step 6: Cabin 5 Ares

The Ares cabin is made of clay and nether rack with a live boar at the entrance. There are also some hidden explosives in the cabin.

Step 7: Cabin 6 Athena

The Athena cabin is made of solid stone with the beds lined up on the side. There is also a library for them with crafting tables to make some awesome stuff.

Step 8: Cabin 7 Apollo

Apollo's cabin is made of gold and glow stone because it's supposed to shine. There is an arrow at the front and inside on the walls are paintings. Apollo's poetry are also lined up at the end of the room.

Step 9: Cabin 8 Artemis

Made of andesite and Quartz, the Artemis cabin don't stay here for full time so there isn't much inside. The floor is made of grass because being the goddess of the moon, the huntress will be watching the sky.

Step 10: Cabin 9 Hephaestus

The Hephaestus cabin is my favourite cabin. It is made of brick and stone. There are two floors and also an underground base. There are work tables almost everywhere and a railway that leads to the base. There is also a chimney with smoke( spider webs) coming out.

Step 11: Cabin 10 Aphrodite

Aphrodite's cabin is pink with blue/green wall on the side. The boys are seperated by a wall but as there are lesser boys, they get the smaller side. I've also added the shoes of shame, and in front of the wall there is a dressing mirror( though I made it of glass).

Step 12: Cabin 11 Hermes

Herme's cabin is a dull brown cabin which has nothing but beds.

Step 13: Cabin 12 Dionysus

Cabin 12 is big and is also the party cabin. It also has a coke fountain. It has vines growing all around too.

Step 14:

Well Hope you liked that. My next instructable will show the minor gods cabins!

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    4 years ago

    The big house instructables coming up in a few days


    This is a really great creation! You should make instructions, too!


    4 years ago

    Im building it on pe too... Im building Dionysus now


    5 years ago

    Wow! Super awesome!! I've loved PJO since forever! Great work!


    5 years ago

    And I just noticed this is on PE. Great job!