Minecraft Piston Door

This is a Minecraft Piston Door

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Step 1: Starting Off

First, you will need the following resources: 2 redstone torches, 4 sticky pistons, 12 redstone dust, and 6 blocks of your choice.

Step 2: Dig!

Dig out a 2x2x3 area and also dig out 3 blocks on both sides.

Step 3: Place Your First Dust.

Place redstone dust on each block except on the end blocks. Place redstone torches there.

Step 4: Place Pistons

Place a block above your redstone torches with dust on them. Then place your pistons connected to the purple block and one above it.

Step 5: Cover Up

Cover the hole up and place your blocks that act as the wall. Place your pressure plates in front of the wall blocks on bot sides. Then enjoy!!

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