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Hey everyone! I was inspired to do something different today... I wanted to make pixel art in Minecraft! After searching and searching for the perfect thing to build, I found a picture of a Super Mario mushroom. I thought that this was so cute and that I absolutely had to make it, and so I did. And that's what I wanted to share with all of you Minecraftians today!

Step 1: Needed Materials

You will need...

•Red Carpet

•White Carpet

•Black Carpet

Step 2: Finding the Perfect Picture

As I said in the intro, I wanted a very cute, unique design that popped out! So I am attaching the link below to show you the picture that I used for this mushroom:

Click Here For Link!

Step 3: The Bottom Portion

Using black carpet, place eight blocks horizontally. This is the base of your mushroom. Then, still using black carpet, place blocks as shown in the second picture. Finally, make the black part that separates your top from your bottom.

Step 4: The Top of Your Mushroom

Now finish your mushroom by adding the blocks shown in the pictures to make the top of your mushroom. Add some eyes and other outlines.

Step 5: Decorating and Filling In!

Now you can fill in your mushroom and decorate it! I made a patriotic mushroom and a normal mushroom, but I ask that you be creative! Find inspiration from small things and big things that help you become more creative or understanding! For example, a trip to Florida might inspire you to do a beachy theme, or a simple walk around your neighborhood could perhaps inspire you to do something calm and practical. Whatever inspires you is what you need to think of when you're decorating your mushroom=)

Step 6: All Done!

Now you're mushroom is done! Thank you for viewing and I hope that you liked it! Check out my other Minecraft tutorials and enjoy your cute mushroom!



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So craftistic

3 years ago

I cannot wait to make this! I'll share a pic of it when I possibly can.


4 years ago

Loompiggytutorials could you be able to make a BBQ and I love your project


4 years ago

Mine has more BOLD colors and polka dots but AMAZING

1 reply

4 years ago


peach girl

4 years ago

by the way awesome idea