Minecraft Pocket Edition: Mob Farm 2.0

About: i can't come up with anything to write here and a little heads-up: my earlier instructables might be badly spelled, as i wasn't that good at english at the time.

time to get my phone ready for another MC PE mob farm!

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Step 1: Welcome Back

welcome back to my old instructables world!

a few weeks ago, buckets was added to mc PE(yay!).
this makes more advanced farms possible(yay, again).
here ill show how to make a farm thats simple, effective, and easy to make.

Step 2: Up

build up about 30 blocks

Step 3: +_+

make a 2x2 platform, then build out 9 blocks on all sides of it
(yes, im in creative mode)

Step 4: Up Again

build up a block on the sides

Step 5: The Wallz

build 2 block walls around the "+"

Step 6: Moar Building

build like in the picture on all sides

Step 7: Out of Good Ideas on What to Write Here

build like the picture on all sides

Step 8: Moar Wallz

build like in the picture..... again

Step 9: Waateerr

put water like in the picture on all sides

Step 10: Da Roof

cover everything with a 1-block roof

Step 11: -Done Yet? -Yep

"-but how do i get down?"
you can place some water to jump into when youre done



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    6 years ago

    doesn't the water fall through the hole that takes you down the latter???