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Introduction: Minecraft Pvp Map: Control Point

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Jello, something new non Kne'x related. This is a Pvp minecraft map I recently made and I wanted to share it with you. Here is the overview of it.


Hold off the control point towers (marked with a beacon) from other players
The longer you stand in it the more levels you get
First person to 100 levels wins

2 classes: Warrior/Archer

This map is mostly done with command blocks so there isn't much redstone lag. Enjoy

Want it for yourself? Direct DownloadBit.ly

Other great features: Can be played on a vanilla server, Supports up to 10 players, Fully resettable



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    Yes, the class pods are on the other. All the redstone for the control points are in the main island.

    Awesome map dude!! Wow lately I too have drifted deep into Minecraft and I thought about making a PvP map or a redstone based challenge map, and I've had some great ideas... This really is awesome man great work... I wonder... How long did it take you to make? I'll be sure to try it out soon with a bunch of friends... Wow seriously, a control point PvP map... Now there's something new and innovative. Great work! I'd like to see what the future holds ;)

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    Thanks for that comment. The map it self actually took a while because I made the map before the comparator was put into the game. The redstone in the map literally just checks for players who have the x amount of levels using /testfor @p[lm=100]. Then the rest is easy. The class system is nothing special, just very time consuming it obviously uses the /give command. Considering the I have a new map using /scoreboard and the ability to build things. I'll make a forum topic on it them send you the link :D. Again, thanks for your support.

    No problem at all... Minecraft is by far my favorite game, and PvP, command block oriented, class-able Vanilla maps are by far my favorite thing to do in Minecraft with friends... Lol if you want to check out my new Tekkit SkyBlock series on Youtube, tell me what you think, I'd really appreciate it... The first couple of episodes are kinda shit lol but the rest is decent... Kinda long though ^^

    Oh if there's any good word to sum up my personality it's lazy Lol... Just go to my YouTube channel (sharir1701, same as here) there's also links to that in every ible I've posted... Sorry for the hassle Lol :)

    So you used the testfor command in a command block to check for players with 100 levels? When a player reaches 100 levels, does the command block emit a redstone signal?

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    Indeed, there is a pulse always being sent to a command block with the command /testfor @p[lm=100]. Then there is a comparator going out form that block which sends a redstone signal when the /testfor equal true

    Do you need the comparator? I'm using version 1.4.7, and the comparator isn't in that version.

    Sadly yes. I started the project in version 1.4.5 and found out that I couldn't do the system that I wanted. In your version you can't have a redstone signal from the output of a command block like I needed. So, if your planning on downloading the map or making one similar you will need the command bock. Is there a reason your not updating to 1.5.2? Because there is a lot of positive thing added to the new update.


    5 years ago

    New map coming soon :D

    I haven't had any good knex ideas lately so I hope you guys will still enjoy these maps :)

    Thanks :D. But, what do you mean by "How did you make the map really small". But this is what OI used.....

    For the open world-For that I used MCEdit.

    For the islands you can use SinglePLayerCommands to create them. There should be a tutorial somewhere on Youtube if your interested.

    Awesome! How did you make the map really small? Did you use some kind of special program?


    5 years ago

    Really awesome!