Minecraft RC Creeper

Introduction: Minecraft RC Creeper

I have made my own Minecraft Remote Control (RC) Creeper! And I promise this one won't explode!


3 boxes: The bigger the boxes the bigger the creeper

One RC car: Make sure it will fit in the box, don't spend to much I only got a $15 car.

Duct Tape: the color silver is easier to paint. Try not to use any other color

Paint: I used green spray paint, but I used a black sharpie for the face and feet.

Step 1: Step 1: the Body

Stack the 3 boxes so that the widest parts are facing the ground. For added affect make the top one on its side. This will be the head. Duct tape the boxes together. Make sure there are no air bubble in the tape. It looks better! Once done hollow out the bottom box so the car fits with as little struggle as possible. Try to keep some of the sides of the box attached so the car stays in.

Step 2: Step 2: Motor Transportation

Next put the car in the creeper through the hole. Make sure the antenna of the car is secure and wont damage the box. If the car sinks in try putting a shoe box or other firm items, even spare cardboard. Next duct tape the car in so all the wheels can move freely. Make sure the creeper drives and decorate!

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