Minecraft Redstone Pulse Length Controller



Hello instructables community! This is my first instructable. I am entering it into the Minecraft Contest, so if you like this instructable, feel free to vote for it!

This instructable will show you how to build a pulse length controller in minecraft. Have you ever needed the time a button is pressed to be shorter or longer? Well, this instructable will show you how to do that!

You will need the following:

  • Some way to trigger the circuit (button, lever, another circuit, etc.)
  • AT LEAST 2 redstone repeaters
  • AT LEAST 5 redstone dust
  • 1 redstone comparator

Step 1: The Main Circuit

This part of the instructable will teach you the main circuit. (The next step will set how long the pulse will last.)

The main circuit is very simple. Set it up as shown in the 1st picture.


  • The repeater and comparator must be facing opposite directions
  • The repeater must be on its lowest setting
  • The comparator must be in subtraction mode (right click until the middle lights up as shown)

Step 2: The Fuse

The fuse will determine how long the pulse will last. Set it up as shown in the picture. The way to figure out how long it will last is to take the value of all the repeaters you use, and subtract 1. This is the number of redstone ticks it will last. (1 redstone tick = 2 game ticks = 0.1 seconds barring lag. See https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Redstone_Repeater#...

You may put as many repeaters as you want going in that direction, but note that you must have at least 1 repeater attached to the comparator.

Step 3: Input and Output of Circuit

You may attach an input and an output to the circuit anywhere on the circuit. (Convenient, right?) An example is shown in the picture.

Step 4: Finished

Thanks for reading this instructable! If it helped you, or if you liked it, please vote for it in the Minecraft Contest! Feel free to tailor this circuit to your own needs.

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