Minecraft Secret Entrances: Secret Outrance

Introduction: Minecraft Secret Entrances: Secret Outrance


MINECRAFT! Lemme put my eye back in -- I kind of lost after hours of play :P

If you recall my last project, the Minecart Detection Entrance, this is a good way to get out. I suggest making this in your house/dungeon/castle/giant book/whatever you want to call it, because that will keep people from breaking into it on another mining run. Just remember that this is A ONE WAY DEAL. When you step out, you cannot go back in without breaking or going back through your other seccret entrance. Mind that this is only a companion to another entrance, and only suffices as a way out.

This mechanism is SO simple, you could probably just glance at the picture and get how to do it (Well, the second one -- the first doesn't really tell you anything).

- 2 sticky pistons
- 1 restone torch
- 1 redstone repeater
- 1 pressure plate
- Plenty of redstone

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Step 1: Simple Connections

It's so easy, a caveman can do it! Well, in this case, maybe you are -- it IS Minecraft, after all.

Find a spot that leads outside/into your hiding hole and stick two sticky pistons at the side two blocks away from where you want to exit (The room, that is). These pistons are going to be open until you tell them to close, so keep in mind you must hide the head/stick from sight.

Step 2: Wire It Up

The wire design is pretty simple. . . Unless you've never done this before. Redstone torches require a redstone repeater connected to the block it sits on in order for the torch to turn off. Since the torch must face the higher block of the two pistons, you are going to need some extra room to raise the repeater and keep it connected to the device you plan on using to shut off/on the mechanism.

If you found that a mouthful, just pay attention to my pictures here. The second one says a million words on its own.

Step 3: Finito

BAM! Sick (Not stick) a pressure plate in front of that thing and watch the magic unfold -- or go to ashes, which means you did something wrong. But don't worry -- you're too smart for that. Unless your not, which is okay. If there is any difficulties, please feel free to tell me.

Thank you for reading, and remember -- you can't tie a button.


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