Minecraft Shaders




Introduction: Minecraft Shaders

This instructable will show you how to install shaders mod

Step 1: Forge

Download Forge (in this instructable.. im using 1.6.4 forge)

http://files.minecraftforge.net/ <--- Forge Download Link

Step 2: Installing Forge

Open downloaded file in Java format and click "Install Client"

Step 3: Shaders

Then download the ShadersModCore

http://goo.gl/AayZHt <--- ShadersModCore download link (shortened)

Step 4: Shaders

Drop shadersmodcore in mods folder... if mods folder doesn't exist you can create one

Step 5: ShaderPack

Download shaderpack and drop in shaderpack folder. Shaderpack folder doesn't exist, so you must create one

Step 6: Launching Game

Open MC launcher (im using TeamExtreme launcher) and choose 1.6.4 forge version in version list... Launch game

Step 7: Choosing Shaderpack

Then choose shaderpack in settings and press Done. Enjoy it.

This is my first instructable.. so i hope you guys liked it

If you need FPS boost, download optifine mod and drop that mod into mods folder :P




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    Great Mod yogscast use it i believe.