Minecraft Simple Starter Kit for Survival Players

Introduction: Minecraft Simple Starter Kit for Survival Players

Hello everyone! Today I will show you a guide for people who want to start survival worlds!

Step 1: Grabbing Some Wood

First you must take 3 pieces of wood from a beautiful tree. Don't take more or you'll be having too much wood.

Step 2: Crafting

First you must make a crafting table a pair of sticks and save the left over wood.

Step 3: Making Items!

Last make the wood and sticks out of a wooden axe and Pickaxe so you start mining and making wood!

Step 4: Shoutouts

I am starting shootouts to the people who told me to make this and inspired me to make it. The shoutout goes to: ZiggZaggZebra! She does al lot of survival worlds so she inspired me. You can be inspire me next time so just leave me comment and like!



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    coo man, coo. also you may want to check out voltz! I'm doing a few instructables on it so just hit my name and you'll see them! Hope your inspired by that!