Minecraft: Simple Working Escalator Tutorial




Here is a new creation I have made. This works in 1.10 but in older versions you may need sticky pistons with blocks attached. Should work w/1.9. This is a fast escalator that is easy to build and is very useful for buildings or even Minecraft mall maps. I hope you guys enjoy my newest MC creation! Enjoy!

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Step 1: The Pistons

Here is the frame. The pistons push you up then over up then over and so and so on.

Step 2: The Redstone Circuit and Wiring

Here is how to put the repeaters and redstone to the contraption. Be careful when setting the repeater ticks. Look closely. Anyways, here is a pattern to the ticks if you can't see. The number indicates the number of clicks in each row. Both top and bottom repeaters must be programmed the same. Make sure the space from the button to the circuit has repeaters so it has enough power and enough time for you to step into the escalator.


Each number is a row and indicates the number of clicks.

Step 3: You're Done!

This will be useful for a custom map or some sort of thing you build. I hope you enjoyed this creation! Cya

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