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Introduction: Minecraft Skin Instructables Style

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Ever since I´ve had Minecraft I´ve made my own skins, and having the opportunity to join the Instructables community this year, why not join these awesome worlds together and make an Instructables Robot Minecarft Skin, well hear you have it, hope you like it and leave feedback I really like your comments and read them all. Also this works for any sort of skin, so if you make one post some pictures on the comments section or on my orange board.

PS: Fourth I´ble this year and still more to come, thanks everybody for viewing and favoriting my I´bles its a great feeling that what I know is being passed to all the world out there.

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Step 1: Resources and Basic Knowledge

For the making of the skin we will be using a page calledwww.needcoolshoes.com it´s the easiest editor to use for any beginner out there.

For reference of my skin I´m using an Instructables Robot image I had googled, you can use any image you like for your skin make it directly from your imagination, the page has user generated skins you can modify or work on, or you could type the name of a Minecraft user and work upon his skin.

The page editor is really easy to handle and displays a rotatable 3D image of the skin so you can view your progress, it has a color palette and dropper and some buttons that help you share your creation, upload a previous skin to the editor or download your creation to your computer.

Step 2: Base Colors

Firstly, make sure the armor box is NOT checked during the entire process I added armor but the uploader didn't work very well and I had to redo the armor parts,now beginning your creation you will add the base colors of it to work upon from there. For the Instructables Robot I used two tones of yellow like the ones seen in the picture of reference, using the fill tool is the best for the job.

Step 3: Head Details

Now using the dummy on the bottom right corner select only the area you will be working on, in this case the head. I added the eyes and "ears" with a dark red color and all the other details with black.

Step 4: Arm Details

Continuing with the hands, select only the area to work for, I added in these details the fingers with a white color, the stripes and bolts with black and nothing more, it´s that easy!

Step 5: Leg Details

With the legs I added the wheels on with grey and the stripes and top inner section of the wheels with black, select only one leg at a time so you can make sure the wheel and the stripes are going around each leg and you don´t get a yellow spot when your character is running.

Step 6: Body Details

This is also pretty easy as everything, I added the buttons with a dark green and added the bolts, stripe and button details with black, please make sure when doing all your skin you DON´T have selected the armor box on the bottom right corner.

Step 7: Finished Skin

There you have it! You just made a simple skin in less than half an hour now comes the "hard" part if something is to be called hard haha.

Step 8: Download, Use and Enjoy!

Using the export button on the page you will have many options choose any you want, I used all so I could share my creation, use it and have a saved copy on my computer, enjoy and leave any suggestions if you like. Have Fun!


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