Minecraft Sonic Boom

Introduction: Minecraft Sonic Boom

Go the speed of sound... And get the gist of why there ain't no hand in Minecraft PE Lite.

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Step 1: Spawning

Spawn in a flying world in any PE Minecraft world. Any world will work as long as it is a PE flying world. WARNING: DO NOT do this in a PC world because you can break bedrock and this is crucial not to mess it up this way.

Step 2: Preparing

Dig a 1X1 hole all the way to bedrock layer. Don't move after that.

Step 3: Starting

Fly straight up for a very long time. I did it for three min.

Step 4: Performing

Stop flying and immediately drop down. The tool you are using will be pulled out and floating, indicating that you have broken the light barrier.

Step 5: After Effects

None, except that the fact that all of the light properties are working: 1. You won't see your hand. 2. You won't see the ground until .5 second after your in it. 3. Space would be reacting.

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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Although this instructable does work, obviously the sound barrier thing is just a joke.


    6 years ago

    That sounds really cool I will try it later tonight