Minecraft Squid Pen Holder


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Intro: Minecraft Squid Pen Holder

In this instructable , I am making a Minecraft Squid Pen Holder.

In Minecraft Squids are 8-armed mobs that spawn in water.I made a similar looking squid to use it as pen holder.

I am dedicating this project to all Minecraft game fans :)

You can look into the following video for brief idea

Step 1: Materials Used

  1. Foam Board
  2. Super Glue
  3. Hobby Knife
  4. scale,Pencil
  5. color pencils ,Fabric Paint, Brush
  6. White paper

Step 2: Dimensions

The dimension that I have followed for making this squid is given above image.

Step 3: Cutting

By using a hobby knife cut foam in the above mentioned dimensions.

Step 4: Apply Super Glue

This squid will have 6 arms , the 12 pieces which we have cut will be used as arm (2 pieces for each arm).

So you need to apply super glue to combine 2 pieces.

Step 5: Adding Arms to the Head

To make arms in inclined way , cut any of the edge in the inclined way as per the above image .

Apply super glue to fix it .

Step 6: Paint the Arms

Paint arms by using fabric paint .

Step 7: Drawing Pixelated Head

I Head portion is need to be in Pixelated look. Because Minecraft Consist of fully pixelated world.

I have drawn the head portion on a white paper and painted it with color pencil.And glued it to the squid head.

Step 8: Done!

Happy Making :)



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