Minecraft Squishy Stress "Ball"


Introduction: Minecraft Squishy Stress "Ball"

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Learn how to make a Minecraft grass block squishy or stress “ball!” It’s a perfect DIY craft project or gift for any Minecraft fan.

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Step 1: Watch Video!



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    11 Discussions

    Could you write out how to do it? i cannot watch video with my data plan.

    Would the paint come off of the stress "ball" if it were to get wet? Would the heat from your hand make it come off in your hand at all?

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    Nope and nope! It's made from fabric paint, which is built to withstand washing.

    I din't even need to watch the video!


    Thanks! I'm really not sure about the fading, however, the paint covers the foam completely so any fading wouldn't show through.