Minecraft Starter House Tutorial

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This is a tutorial for a relative simple Minecraft beginners house

Step 1: Find a Location

Step 2: Terraform

Clear away some trees and maybe add or mine some dirt/grass blocks

Step 3: Foundation

Step 4: Foundation

Add wooden stairs where the windows will be.

Step 5: Windows and Wall

Step 6: Roof

The roof will be made out of stairs.

Step 7: Roof and Second Floor

Add wooden slabs for the second floor.

And add a ladder for getting up on the second floor.

Step 8: Roof

Step 9: Finishing the Roof

Step 10: Aesthetics

Place down bonemeal on the grass to make grass and flowers.

Also use a hoe on grass to make a small farm.

Step 11: Interior

Add a bed, some chests, torches, a crafting table and a furnace.

Step 12: Now You're Done!

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    3 Discussions

    Penolopy Bulnick

    9 months ago

    Great house and such a beautiful location!


    9 months ago

    Cool, thanks for sharing how you built your house :)

    1 reply