Minecraft Strip Mining

Introduction: Minecraft Strip Mining

an easy way to find diamonds

Step 1: Dig a Stare Case Down to To the Level 12

Diamonds are found most commonly in level 12 along with the other ores

Step 2: Make Your Main Tunnel

when you reach level 12 make a 2x2 tunnel as long as you desire

Step 3: Mark Your Side Tunnels

you need torches to make where you are going to dig starting at your stare case mark every two blocks

Step 4: Mine the Side Tunnels

mine the side tunnels as far as you desire. When you reach the end of your main tunnel expand it and repeat the process

Step 5: Tip's and Warnings

1. if you don't find diamonds right off don't give up just keep going

2. be careful!!! there is lots of lava in that level it would stink to lose all those well earned diamonds over lava

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