Minecraft TNT Island Killer Program

Introduction: Minecraft TNT Island Killer Program

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1 computer per student with mouse

internet connection

Firefox (free)

recommend 8+ years, good intro for university students as well

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Step 1: Get Excited

Blowing things up is fun, prepare yourself

Step 2: Sign Up for an Account

Go to Learntomod.com and sign up for a free account. The paid account will allow you to export your programs to real minecraft, I highly recommend it. The free account uses a simulator, which is also cool and I'll use it for this post.

To sign up, you need an email account for each student. Write down the passwords if your students are young.

Step 3: Load Up My Code!

First, destroy the island with my code. Go to http://mod.learntomod.com/program_profiles/1826334

Go to "Code" and click "Edit/Run"

This will load up the program I've already written, allowing you to see how fun it is quickly!

Step 4: Run the Code

Go to Actions/Run in Simulator

Use Firefox, Chrome won't work. It will probably ask you to install a Unity Plugin. If so, click yes, download the file, run the file, click next/next/yes/yes... get everything installed. Takes a few minutes.

Then you will see Unity in a white box and a loading bar. The first time it could take 5 minutes to load! Don't worry, after the 1st time it will load a lot faster.

Step 5: Enter the Simulator

When Unity finishes loading, you will be in the simulator! Run around, bash some things. If you get stuck, press Esc to exit out and then get back by going Actions / Run in Simulator.

Then when you are ready, look at the ground and press the m key. Look back up and you will see a lotta lotta TNT!

Try not to press m a lot of times, you just need once. If you press it a lot of times, the game could freeze.

Next, use your sword to hit one of the TNT boxes!

Depending on your computer speed, you may have a frozen screen for 10 seconds while it contemplates the destructive power you have just unleashed!

Depending on your reaction time, you might be able to make it to the block in the middle to avoid falling down ^_^

Step 6: Make Your Own Code!

Now! You have two options to code yourself:

Start from a blank page

Open a new tab with the url mod.learntomod.com, go to Play/Mod, and create a New Mod.

Choose Blocky Multiplayer as the language. Then, click Edit. Move back and forth between this tab and mine to make your own code!

Start from a copy

In my code, go Actions/Copy, and the code will copy over to your account. Then you can edit it for yourself and make changes!

Step 7: What's Next?

Learn to mod has tons of coding tutorials and places to start. There is little popups to guide you through. But a very fun place to start is with the drone badges, here: http://mod.learntomod.com/badge_builders/68?sequen...

Happy coding! Is this playing video games or making them? It's hard, you are learning a lot, but it's also crazy fun...

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