Minecraft the First Couple Nights

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This will be a tutorial on how to be successful on the first couple nights of the great world of minecraft

Step 1: Step-1

First make sure you got all you creative juices flowing cause you will need them for this game.

Step 2: Step-2

Now that you have your creative juices flowing now create a new world of minecraft. Now get ready because you're about to jump in to a world of epicness

Step 3: Step-3

Now that you're in the world of minecraft your going to have to punch some trees (minecraft logic) and make some wooden planks and to do that you have to put the wood in you're inventory press e to he there and put the wood in the little 2 by 2 square and bam you got wooden planks now you need a crafting table which is wooden planks in all 4 little boxed so now that you have crafting table you can make some tool but wait you néed sticks which you put in 2 wooden planks one above another and bam you have sticks now to make tools

Step 4: Step-4

Man you need a house nothing special just a house no build your house and put the neccaties in it chest crafting table all of that jazz

Step 5: Step-5

Now wait till morning to mine or if you want go make a mine straight down but come on is that any fun no so I recommend waiting till sunrise and wait for wait for it ok now that sun has risen go find yourself a mine make sure it's a good one

Step 6: Step-6

Are you getting the drift oh wait monsters there is the zombie sloe dumb but strong, spider fast but weak, Skelton weak but has a bow and arrow, the creeper explosive sneaky and can blow up your house and your creations do watch out for them an that is my way of surviving my first couple nights



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    2 years ago

    such grammar much error many mistake


    5 years ago

    Thanks for pointing that out and thanks


    In pic five the iron block looks weird. BUDDER than that, good job!