Minecraft Toilet!

Last year, I decided to do a Minecraft hi-tech house, with some new, never seen things, so, I decided to start with a bathroom, and, of course, a toilet. This is a great thing to show to your friends. It has regular water, and, if it's really bad, disinfectant (lava), wich I only reccommend in those cases, becouse lava takes forever going out. It's really easy to make. It takes some space, but you also get a sink (water in the wall that doesn't fall). Maybe, if this idea works, in the next minecraft update there is a toilet. So, let's get started.

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Step 1: The Digging

First, dig a 4x3x1 hole, and then a cross like the one in the image, the sides 2 squares deep and the center 3 squares deep. This cross will be the sewer.

Step 2: The Toilet and the Sewer

To do the sewer fill the cross's sides an put a square in the bottom of the sewer, then cover it with more cubes. Now for the mechanism make a wall like the one in the image and put a cube in the middle of the hole, one cube above, like in the image, count three squares and place a sticky piston faced towards the middle on each side. in front of the pistons now place a cube, to make the valve. Now make a tank like in the image. Don't fill it now! You can only fill it after the wiring is done.

Step 3: The Wiring

The wiring is very simple. First you make a wall to hide the mechanisms and then:
For the water wiring, you put a button in the wall, reverse the signal and plug it to the water piston.
 The lava wiring is very simple, as it is slower, a button doesn't work, so we use a lever plugged directly to the piston.

Step 4: Decoration

I have placed some message boards in the walls a trapdoor for the toilet's lid and the sinks. The sinks are made by placing a message bord on the wall's corner and remove that corner's cube, allowing the water to flow in. see the images if you don't understand.



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    If you dont reverse the signal the piston will be closed at all time, letting the water pour and only shutting it whenever we press the button, exactly the opposite of what we want, so by reversing the signal we keep the piston open therefore the water closed when the button isn't pressed.


    5 years ago

    Nice project

    Daisy Doo

    5 years ago

    Thats awesome


    6 years ago