Minecraft Trap

About: Hello. I am a ten year old boy. My name is Avery. I play minecraft, call of duty, and halo. I play with Legos and nerf. My hobbies are: Legos, Nerf, video games, movie making, and art. Hope u like my uploads...

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Step 1:

First, make a five by five size house

Step 2:

Build it up to three blocks.

Step 3:

Then put signs all over the top of the house.

Step 4:

Then put a diamond block in the middle of the house.

Step 5:

Then add signs on top of the signs like so...

Step 6:

Then cover the roof with sand. (Except the middle were the diamond is.)

Step 7:

Then cover the middle hole.

Step 8:

Then put another piece of sand on top of the middle.

Step 9:

Then put up a sign that says:
Free diamonds!
When they walk in and break it,
The sand falls on the player!

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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago on Step 9

    Make sure the sand is 2 blocks high, not 1. Or else they wont sufficate


    5 years ago

    Can you also use gravel??????