Minecraft Trapdoor Game

Introduction: Minecraft Trapdoor Game

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I hope you like my instructable!
I will show you how to make a trapdoor game in minecraft! The things you need are:
• quartz
• water
• trapdoors (duh?)

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Step 1: Make a Large Pole of Quartz

Just stack up a bunch of quartz.

Step 2: Add Trapdoors!

Add it to every side.

Step 3: Close All the Trap Doors!

Its so easy that i dont even have to explain it.

Step 4: Put Four Quartz on the Sides

Just copy the pics

Step 5: Dig a Square Around It!

Copy the pics

Step 6: Add Water

Its very easy btw

Step 7: You Are Done!

Thanks for looking!
The object of the game is to get to the top first by opening a trapdoor and jumping on it. NO CHEATING PEOPLE. Also, its a 4 player game

Ps: hoped you enjoyed it :)

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    4 years ago

    i am think just two people could do it

    No offense, but with four people it would be super hard to get to the top, I'm thinking at the most two. This is just friendly feedback.


    5 years ago

    Hey best friend umm didn't i taught u that