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Introduction: Minecraft Traps: Bomb Arm


All Right! This is my third Minecraft Instructable -- and this time I'm going in on traps! With this, your enemy (or friend, or infiltrator -- which is still your enemy) walks in a room full of goods and ends up blowing himself up. How does this happen? The pressure plate on the other side of the door ignites a redstone reaction that causes pistons to shoot down and drop TNT on the enemy's head. As a result, this trap is primarily single use -- but I could show you a fairly expensive way of keeping it all intact.

This trap was made up entirely by me, unlike my last instructables that were deciphered versions of PG5's entrances.

-1 TNT
- 3 Sticky pistons (Unsticky if you don't care if it all goes to waste)
- 2 redstone repeaters
- A lot of restone torches
- Plenty of redstone
- Bait of some sort (Somewhat optional)
- An abundance of Obsidian (Or any other blast-resistant block -- this is optional)

Step 1: Open Spaces

For this trap, you're going to need a 3 block length hallway at whatever length you desire -- the longer, the better. Well, actually, I should tell you to refrain from making 3x1 area, since that would defeat the purpose of even putting a door in front of it.

Anyway, if you are planning on making this thing blast-proof, line ALL the walls with obsidian (Or another blast resistant block, if you don't mind replacing a piece or two). Don't go over the beginning or last 3x3 area, for that is where most of the wiring takes place.

Step 2: Lines of Red

Take this moment to line the hall with redstone torches. This will be intrinsic to the trap, because this is what sets off the TNT -- And I have the feeling your enemy will not turn it on him/herself, nor would they be very impressed. The only issue is that many of these torches will be sacrificed due to the trap, so be sure about what you're going to do here.

Step 3: The Wiring

This is where the fun begins! Break a good opening in the wall nearest to the entrance, being sure to dig a line under the foot of the entrance (where the pressure plate will go). From here, you should really just copy the photos -- but I'll do my best to tell you what to do in text. After this line from under the entrance, create a sort of 2x2 room -- the two blocks nearest you will be flat, while the two blocks behind it will have 1 raised block to your left and 2 blocks on top of each other on the right.

This staircase effect should proceed another section to the right before going up one more block behind. To the right there shall be another raised dimension,  but this time it will branch out -- two blocks either way. The branch that comes toward you extends a block of wire to a repeater, which is connected to a block in front of it. THAT WAS IMPORTANT. The branch that Goes away from you is two blocks in length, but you only put wiring on the block closest to you. The other block must have a glowstone block on it, where more redstone will reside. Follow that up with another block of glowstone daigonal to it on the right. The next line will have 4 blocks of wiring, including the glowstone. All that wiring will follow up to a redstone repeater on its LONGEST SETTING (4 ticks) -- so it will take the longest time there is to turn on.

So. . . I bet you really wished you just looked at the pictures, huh?

Step 4: Sticky Pistons

From the ceiling, dig three blocks upward (This will be slightly difficult on Survival mode) and set three sticky pistons in rapid succession (Mind the pistons must face DOWN) and sit TNT at the bottom face of the mechanism. Now seal up everything so the trap is inconspicuous and head to the entrance. Slap down A pressure plate and a door in the front of it, but don't put the final pressure plate in quite yet.

Step 5: Bait

That's right -- get something that will lure someone in. This is kind of optional -- this thing could just be a false hallway that kills your friends when they lurk in your house. But if you want the area to stand alone, put up something that will give someone the reason to go inside.

Step 6: Finito

After that, slam a plate in front (Or behind) of the door and BAM -- that thing is DONE! Just don't try it out yourself -- you'll be dead in seconds. . . Unless you don't. Then you know something went wrong, which you really shouldn't because you checked all that stuff in the wiring process. And that meant you were willing to die and that makes you suicidal, which, in that case, should alert the people of your household to call 911.

Anyway, it IS possible to avoid all of the redstone torch expense -- just make the ceiling higher and make the wiring go all the way up (Made easy if you use the glowstone technique in the pictures before), then place a single redstone torch where the TNT will appear when the mechanism activates. The only issue with that is how much blast resistant objects you're going to have to collect -- if you want that. Otherwise it's sort of a sad way to see such things go to waste.

Thanks for reading -- and remember, water is not flammable. . . That was terrible. If anyone could help me out with those final words, I would be much grateful. . .


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    6 Discussions


    3 years ago

    This is great! tried it out and all of the variations, (thank u, other commentors) and they all worked great!!!


    Reply 3 years ago

    wait my freind just trolled me and did the same thing to me


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Also another modification is to have a time-delayed dispenser with lava above the door, so in which case they disable the trap (water buckets), lava will cover the door and slowly creep their way. Also putting sever in there will insure they will die. But yet again it will burn their inventory...


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I gotta say, pretty smart. I have a penchant for traps on Minecraft, though the best one I've ever made involved simply a trick floor that would drop you into an end portal, and thus the end. You would have to kill the ender dragon to get out. Usually they aren't prepared for this, and they die pretty quickly. ^_^ keep it up.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! That's a pretty interesting trick -- it must drive your friends (Or enemies) crazy. I haven't done an Instructable in a while, but I have plenty of other traps in plan. I'll press out my next.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    it certainly does. Especially when its not an enemy. for some reason, my friends all expect me to have a warning sign in front of the trap to tell people not to enter. Its a lot of fun to see what happens, so I haven't done that yet.